Welcome to Instant Auto Tigger. Your #1 Source for Auto Trigger Leads. We are the nations top trigger leads provider. We've delivered millions of trigger leads to dealerships like yours throughout the country for over 13 years. Our close relationship with America's top credit bureaus is your pipeline to the highest quality triggers from your most valuable zip codes. View Available Triggers in Your Area Here.

Our auto trigger leads feature active consumers in your marketing looking to purchase a vehicle in the next 24 to 72 hours. Dealers, you pick the credit score you want.
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    Only Targeted Consumers.

    Credit Bureaus send IAT a list of every consumer in the U.S. who gave permission to have their credit checked.

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    Customizable Auto Leads.

    Dealer selects demographics, FICO, and other criteria that these exclusive, fresh prospects will come from.

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    Customer Management.

    Online Customer Retention Management tool will track each and every customer who just had their credit pulled.

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    Increase Your Bottom Line.

    Every dollar you spend goes to a customer who is guaranteed to be actively shopping your competition.