About us

Auto Trigger Leads from Instant Auto Trigger have helped hundreds of dealers nationwide exceed sales quotas with our exclusive, pre-selected, auto leads.

We've delivered millions of fresh auto sales leads to dealerships like yours throughout the country for over 11 years. Our unique relationship with America's top credit bureaus is your pipeline to the highest quality vehicle leads from your most valuable zip codes.

Successful deaerlships Nationwide.

Instant Auto Trigger is pleased to introduce you to our innovative and proven prospecting solutions and dealer marketing programs. Programs that leverage the growing cost benefits of targeted marketing over conventional advertising.

We produce the industry's leading and exclusive qualified applications for today's modern dealers. We have developed a marketing program that assures every penny spent is directed at consumers in your market that are going to buy within the next 3 days.

Additionally, we provide complete auto loan applications through our award winning call centers delivered to your dealership by fax or e-mail 24/7, within seconds of their origination.



Every account manager that is responsible for assisting you in successfully implementing our prospecting program in your dealership has been, at one time or another, a successful sales manager at a store, or a dealer principle. We invite you to review our program here or by calling 1-877-596-9342.

One of our several knowledgeable account managers can follow-up with you and answer any questions you may have, including how you too can become a successful member dealer.